I have a pot I love but the plant has died, can you replant it?

Absolutely! Just send us a pic of your beloved pot along with the dimensions we’ll come up with a few options for you. No pot too big or small!

I have a plant that’s outgrown it’s pot, can you repot it?

Definitely! A successful plant is entirely dependent on the right pot! We’ll assess your little lovely and find him a new home that will encourage growth.

My bedroom doesn’t get a lot of light…are there any plants that will grow there?

Yes, it’s all about finding the right plant for the space and our experts are more than happy to find one that will thrive in the environment.

I kill every single succulent! How do I take care of them?

I get this question a LOT! It’s usually do to overwatering but every plant is different and with every purchase you’ll receive a succulent care guide to be sure you know all there is to know about your newly purchased little lovely. It’s not rocket science…it’s a plant. Don’t overthink it ;)